Good Homes for Good Lives.


Below are selected papers and reports from the research to date. You can also find other reports and presentations from this programme and others in the Building Challenge on the publications page of the BBHTC National Science Challenge website.


Reports And PapersDownloadDate
S. Xuguang, A. Yan Chang-Richards, T. Kleinsman, A. Innes, 'Improving human resource mobilisation for post-disaster recovery: A New Zealand case study' International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction 52, 101998 (abstract)02/11/2020
B. James Home. Space & Place: A review of Maori and Indigenous literature contributing to dementia-friendly housing design30/10/2019
B. James and N. Saville-Smith, Building Solutions to Enable People with Dementia to Age in Place: A literature review30/08/2019
Opit, S. & Murphy, L. (2019) New Zealand Macroprudential Policy and the Housing Market: Decision-making, Justifications and Evaluation. Report for BBHTC: SRA 1.30/06/2019
Murphy, L. Financiers and developers: Interviews concerning their interests, relationships and the residential development process. Report for BBHTC: SRA 1.01/03/2019
Squires, G. & White, I., 'Resilience and housing markets: Who is it really for?' in Land Use Policy, 81, 167-174.21/02/2019
Chang-Richards, A., An Architecture of Decision Making for Expertise Mobilisation: Post earthquake recovery. Report for BBHTC: SRA101/02/2019
James, B. Spaces in Contention in the Western Bay of Plenty sub-region: Special Housing Areas and public consultation. Report for BBHTC: SRA 1. 09/08/2018
B. James and K. Saville-Smith, 'Designing Housing decision-support tools for resilient older people' Architectural Science Review, 61, 4, 1-8.02/08/2018
Fredrickson, C. Land Covernants in Auckland and their Effect on Urban Development. Report for BBHTC: SRA 1 01/07/2018
Unlocking Transport Innovation: A Sociotechnical Perspective of the Logics of Transport Planning Decision-Making within the Trial of a New Type of Pedestrian Crossing01/06/2018
James, B., Getting the Housing we say we want: Learning for the special housing area experience in Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty. 20/03/2018
Murphy, L. 'Land costs and affordability' Build 163 Dec 2017/Jan 201831/12/2017
Nandekar, G. & White, I., 'Decoding housing messages' Build 136, Dec 2017/Jan 201831/12/2017
Saville-Smith, K. Thinking about the logics of affordable new build delivery: Some preliminary thoughts on the structural position of different types of new-builders.30/06/2017
Saville-Smith, K., Saville-Smith, N., and Fraser, R., ADU Potential: Have we the potential to use our existing stock of homes to create a bigger stock of affordable, fit for purpose homes?20/01/2017
SRA Development: Making the architecture of decisions work for better homes, towns and cities. Issues paper28/10/2016
Conference PapersDownloadDate
Saville-Smith, N. & Saville-Smith, K. 'Declining egalitarianism and the battle for affordable housing in New Zealand' Paper presented to European Network of Housing Researchers Conference, Uppsala, Sweden, 27-29 June 2018.29/06/2018
James, B. & Saville-Smith, N. 'Tenure insecurity and exclusion: older people in New Zealand's rental market' Paper presented to European Network of Housing Researchers Conference, Uppsala, Sweden, 27-29 June. 29/06/2018
Saville-Smith, K. & James, B., 'Resilience, Ageing and Adapting to Change' 33rd PLEA International Conference, Edinburgh.01/01/2018
Saville-Smith, K., White, I., Nandedkar, G., Dodd-Parr, F., James, B., Cram, F., Murphy, L., a& Figenshow, S., The Architecture of Decision-making: Uncovering the dynamics that inhibit us getting the housing we all say we want.27/03/2018